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Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church

Our History


The roots of Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church (USA) are found within the histories and ministries of two of Chicago’s most prominent churches, Grace Presbyterian Church and Sixth United Presbyterian Church.

The ministry of Grace Presbyterian Church began on July 19, 1888 under the leadership of Moses H. Jackson. It had 19 members and emanated from the Presbyterian Club, which was organized by Black Presbyterians. The ministry of Sixth United Presbyterian Church began as a Bible school organized by persons of Scottish-Irish descent. On September 24, 1895, the church was organized with 27 members when the Presbytery appointed a provisional session and an interim moderator. The first installed pastor was the Rev. Riley M. Little.

Sixth Grace came into being with the approval of the merger of these two churches by the Presbytery of Chicago on January 14, 1969. The newly formed congregation’s membership was 875. Dr. A.L. Reynolds, the pastor of Sixth, was installed as the first pastor of the merged church. With the help of the General Assembly, the Presbytery, and a host of generous members and friends, the new congregation constructed a new, single story totally accessible building. In 1973, the building was dedicated to the glory of God, and the service of God’s people.

Following the retirement of Dr. Reynolds, the Rev. Donald B. Register was installed as the second Pastor of the Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church on the fourth Sunday of February 1988. Under his seventeen years of leadership, the congregation continued to develop its spiritual, financial, and programmatic growth. A little more than two years after Rev. Register’s retirement, the congregation elected the Rev. Patrick L. Daymond to become the third pastor of the Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church. He was installed on August 5, 2007. Pastor Daymond lead the vital ministry of the church while seeking to lift-up and empower all of humanity through preaching and teaching the life changing Word of God and living out the convincing and compelling gospel of Jesus Christ. Rev. Daymond officially resigned in November 2011 to lead another Presbyterian church in New York. In 2014, after a long pastoral search, Sixth Grace elected Rev. Dr. David B. Thornton to lead and nurture the Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church congregants.


The word “Presbyterian” describes the way the church is governed. The word comes from the New Testament Greek word presbuteros, translated as “elder.” There is no strict set of beliefs that unite Presbyterians or separate them from other followers of Christ. Like other Christians, Presbyterians believe the following:

  • God is the creator and maker of heaven and earth.
  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the manifestation of God on earth who saves humanity from sin. The Holy Spirit is the powerful and mysterious presence of God in the world and in the believer.
  • The Church is a universal company of Christ’s followers called to fulfill God’s mission on earth.
  • Forgiveness of sin is made possible by the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus bore the sins of humanity through death on a cross, fulfilling God’s just requirement.
  • Life Everlasting is a gift of God’s grace made known by the resurrection of Jesus.
  • The Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God.

Our Mission

As a people of God called to be a community of faith who, through Jesus Christ, acknowledges God as Creator who dwells with us through the presence of the Holy Spirit. As a people of God, we are committed to:

Growing spiritually through congregational worship, personal devotions, fellowship, and regular study of God’s word;

Outreach ministries that witness to the love of God through service, nurture, education, and support of the community;

Discipleship aimed at strengthening our devotion to Christ and His teachings.



Worship shall connect, coordinate and provide direction for all ministries involved in the worship activities of the church.

Music Ministry
Choirs and Musicians
Paraments and Liturgical Colors
Greeters, Ushers and Acolytes


Congregational Life shall connect, coordinate, and  provide direction for all ministries focused on the inner life of the community of members in the church.

Christian Education
History & Archives
Men’s Council
New Members
Presbyterian Women
Bible Study


Mission and Outreach shall connect, coordinate, and provide direction for all ministry efforts focused on evangelism and witness church growth, outward mission, and service.

Barbershop Rap
Clothing Ministry
Community and Environmental
Deacon Board
Food Pantry
Health Ministry


Administrative Division shall connect, coordinate, and provide direction for the business, fiscal management, physical plant, and organizational oversight of the church.

Budget and Finance

Building and Grounds
Memorial Endowment
Membership and Registers
Nominating Committee
Presbytery Relations
Stewardship Committee
Technology, Media and Sound

The Session and Trustees
21 The Deacons

Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church
600 East 35th Street

Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 225-5300

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